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How to Play Texas Hold'em

Le 17 March 2018, 16:50 dans Humeurs 0

So let's take a look at Texas Hold'em so that you can learn how to play.

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When playing Texas Hold'em Poker, each player will play two cards face down - these are called "hole cards." Then there is a round of betting where you can place bets, bets or folds. This phase of the game is called pre-flop. What you should do is rely on those cards or deal first.

When all bets are completed, the three shared cards face up in the middle of the table. This is the so-called flop.


Texas Holdem - Basic - Flop EN_US




After this there is another round of betting, and then the fourth shared card - known as the turn - is processed.

Texas Holdem - Basic - Off EN_US



There is also a round of betting, then the last shared card - called the river - and the final round of betting.

Texas Holdem - Basic - River EN_US



Your best Texas Hold'em player will create the best five cards by using your hole cards and the middle five cards. Not sure what is the best Texas Hold'em player? You can visit the Poker Players Ranking page for more information!

So, for example, if you have 9-9 and the shared card is 9-9-A-5-2, then you have four. If the shared card is J-Q-K-7-2, there can only be two 9s.


Sometimes the best Texas holds their hands by their own five shared cards. If they are 10-10-10-10-A and you have 9-9, then your hole cards won't work because it already shows a quarter higher value.



Hands can end in two ways.


On the one hand, players in the hand convert their cards and win the player with the best cards. This is called a showdown.

The other is that someone will bet to everyone to fold. This is the end of most of Texas Hold'em hand. This is the magic of the game - you don't always need the best hand to win.

Let us review now...

Well, let's look at how Texas Hold'em players use poker slang to see if you can keep up.

First of all, you deal with your hole cards. Then there is a round of betting. Then the player still sees the flop. Then there was a round of betting. Then you see a turn card. Then another round of betting. Then the last river card. Then another round of betting. The best five cards win. clear? excellent. If not, please read our poker glossary.

How to play basic poker - Solitaire

Le 17 March 2018, 16:48 dans Humeurs 0

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There are two types of basic poker: Stud Poker and Draw Poker. The rules for these games are almost identical.


In Stud Poker, each player is assigned five cards (or some games are seven). The player then evaluates the relative strength of their hands and chips. Unless other people are willing to match the player's betting, the player who bids the highest stake will win. In this case, the remaining two (or more) players will show their cards. The best card wins all the chips.


In lottery poker, each player processes five cards and then makes a round of betting. The remaining players may try to improve their hands by trading up to three cards for the new trio on the deck. If a player has an Ace, he can trade all four other cards if he wants to.


The following rounds of betting work: Starting from the left side of the dealer, each player has four options:


Raise - A player who thinks he has a good hand (or wants other players to think he has a good hand) may increase the number of bets he needs to continue playing.

Fold - A player who thinks his hand is not good enough and does not want to win may drop his hand. He can't win the hand, but he won't lose any more.

Calls - Once the player raises the bet, each player must decide whether to raise the bet again, give up and fold the hand or call, which means the equivalent of the amount the bet player bets.

Checks - If no one has increased the bets that continue to be required, the player can bet by checking or passing the option.

Although there are many types of poker games, almost all of the basic rules apply. Typically, each player will distribute five or seven cards. Players attempt to form the best five-card player (see below). For every poker game, there is the same hierarchy, and better hands with fewer hands are rarer and harder to achieve.


Personal cards rank from best to worst. If two players receive the same hand, the rank of one card tends to break the tie. Ace is the most valuable card. From there, it is arranged in descending order: King, Queen, Jack, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.


Hand's ranking from lowest to highest value:


High card. If not, the player's card will be given the highest single card. If two players have the same high card, the second highest card will break the tie.

For example: 5♣8♦10♠Q♥A♠

One pair. When you have two identical cards, they form a pair.

For example: 9♠9♦5♣8♣K♥

Two pairs. When more than one player has two pairs, the highest player wins.

For example: 9♠9♦5♣5♥8♥

Three kinds.

For example: 9♠9♦9♥5♣8♣

straight. A straight line is a five-card hand consisting of a series of cards, regardless of suit. If two players have straights, the straights of the higher cards win.

For example: 9♠10♠J♦Q♥K♦

Flush. When all five cards in a hand are the same suit, it is a flush. If two players have a flush, the person with the highest face in the deck wins.

For example: 9♠5♠Q♠K♠7♠

Full. When a player has three pairs and one pair in the same hand, it is called Full House.

For example: 9♠9♦9♥5♣5♥

The same four. If you are lucky enough to have all four of a given number, then you have a very powerful hand.

For example: 9♠9♦9♥9♣5♣

Flush. Even more rare than four, the flush consists of five consecutive cards, all from the same deck.

For example: 9♠10♠J♠Q♠K♠

Royal flush. The best of them is the famous combination, a direct flush combination consisting of direct flushes, making it unbeatable. In 650,000 transactions, the odds for this transaction may be as high as 1%.

For example: 10♥J♥Q♥K♥A♥

Are you in the middle of a lack of security

Le 9 March 2018, 11:19 dans Humeurs 0

The human brain is mainly divided into two modes of perception and rationality: men dominate rationality, and women dominate sensibility. Reason depends on logical judgment, and sensibility depends on sensory experience. Because sexy, so sexy. Because of sensibility, women judge by intuition when they judge things. When sensibly judging things, if you want to achieve a level of security, you will require all aspects to achieve a level of safety. Otherwise, if there is something wrong with one aspect, a woman will feel a sense of crisis and enter a complete negative state.


In general, people who are insecure tend to be anxious, needlessly worry about things unnecessarily, lack self-confidence, and care too much about what others think of themselves. At critical moments, they always hope to rely on others and hope that others can help themselves, and at the same time, deep down It is not enough to trust oneself and others and always has a skeptical attitude toward people and things around life. Some people always feel that they are ill and are afraid of death.


Are you insecure when you are seated?


1. Turn on the lights to sleep


2. Sleeping habits hold things, or curled up to sleep


3. Do not believe in love


4. Eat a lot or not eat


5. Nostalgic, arm-holding, fear of darkness, inexplicable loneliness


6. Irresistible fear


7. Like clothes with pockets


8. Wear clothes without a pocket, do not know where to put the hand


9. Not talking or talking


10. Contraction


11. Like corners and windows


12. Sleep at night


13. Read


14. Writing and smiling innocence


15. Mind your heart in the most gentle place, live in your own world!


16. Like hugs or handshakes, such physical contact


17. Sweet foods


18. Like to hear each other's sweet words again and again, but also doubt.


19. Like to listen to songs, the more sad the more they love to listen to sad songs.


To eliminate this uneasiness, American psychiatrists proposed their plans:


Draw a vertical line on a large piece of white paper. Divide into two columns, the left side is optimistic, the right side is pessimistic, and then it is attached to the wall of the study. After leaving work every day, in the face of this form, the feelings of optimism and pessimism in the heart are faithfully written on the left and right sides of the table. After all of them were written, slash the pessimistic parts one by one with the black pen and at the same time drive out the feeling of pessimism from the heart, then look at the optimistic part and read it out once, so that the heart will be like this one. Full of optimism.


The greatest effect of this method is that it feels uneasy in your heart because the feelings of optimism and pessimism often appear alternately. If you can clearly distinguish them, you will have a spectrum in your heart. Sometimes you will find that pessimistic factors account for it. The majority, but this is no harm, as long as you have the courage to cross it, you can overcome it, while increasing your confidence. As long as you understand this principle, you certainly don't have to write it on paper. You can do it both in your head and in your heart.

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