Four inventions in China have given cards to life, and the integration and development of Eastern and Western cultures have given us an enduring, sweeping modern poker. As a kind of international playing card, poker shows human's intelligence and wisdom. While meeting the entertainment demand of people, poker can make people enjoy the warmth of family, the development of intelligence and the pleasure of competition. From senior officials to civilians, from men to women, from the elderly to children, from high-ranking intellectuals to half-illiterate illiterates, from one person to many people, the poker world is enjoyable. Playing cards are many, many, but also contains a rich and colorful cultural poker miles.

Playing cards have been around for hundreds of years. English poker and transliteration are also called playing cards. There are many types of poker, and the most popular in the world today is the French poker we can usually play. 54 playing cards are the pattern of 52 playing cards initiated by France in 1392, with the exception of big and small kings. Since then, the number of poker cards in various countries gradually unified into the current 54 models. From the initial "point" screen to the present, with the colorful "flower color" as the background, the single function of entertainment gradually evolves into a multi-functional, all-round cultural carrier screen scenery.





Playing cards hidden in a lot of digital mystery


The 52 cards excluding the big and small king represent 52 weeks a year. Among the two flower cards, one is the king, which means the sun; the other is the little king, which represents the moon.


Throughout the year, that is, spring, summer, autumn and winter, respectively, to Spades, hearts, squares, plum to represent: Among the hearts, squares represent day, spades, plum represents the night.


Each suit is exactly 13 cards, representing each quarter is basically 13 weeks. The combined total of these 13 cards is 91, which is in line with 91 for each quarter.


4 kinds of color points together, plus a little Wang just 365 days a year.


If you add the king's point, is in line with the number of days leap year 366 days.


There are 12 JQKs in poker, which means 12 months a year, which means that the sun passes 12 constellations in a year.


In addition, the four colors in playing cards have different meanings: the spades symbolize the olive leaves and represent peace; the heart-shaped hearts represent the wisdom; the black clover of the plum flowers stems from the clover; the diamonds represent the wealth , Expressed the good wishes of people.